The Greatest Photo Ever Taken From A Plane

Jon Carmichael is a 32 year old professional photographer and self proclaimed “big space nerd”. For years leading up to 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse Carmichael plotted how he could capture the perfect photo of this celestial event. He purchased a ticket on Southwest airlines and with a little assistance from the flight crew – he was able to capture over 1,200 photos of the eclipse in just 2 minutes.

His photo of the total solar eclipse over the Snake River is receiving world renowned recognition and is being claimed “The Greatest Photo Ever Taken From A Plane”.

The final photo took over a year to edit and was recently unveiled in collaboration with @twitter

Is this truly “The Greatest Photo Ever Taken From A Plane”? We would like to invite Carmichael to take a flight into JAC on any clear day!

Full Story: This Is the Most Amazing Photo Ever Taken From a Commercial Airplane. Now, a Southwest Passenger Explains How He Did It.

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