Teton Tutors expands tutor-led summer camps

JACKSON, Wyo. —The teachers at Teton Tutors are mixing up their regular routines by offering a variety of summer camps. Each camp is designed as a way for tutors to share their passions beyond academics. This is a unique way to get to know your tutor or homeschool teacher beyond the walls of the classroom.

The camps include Skateboarding with Stefan, Lego Robotics with Ryan, Dungeons, and Dragons with either Tom or MilesWoodworking with Zac and Garrett,  Writing and Illustration with Jill,  Magic the Gathering with Miles, Naturally Curious with Charlotte,  and a College Application Workshop with Jackie Woolley.

As always, Teton Tutors keeps their numbers low, and many camps have a maximum number of around five students. This helps to maintain safety, and ensure that participants each receive individual attention.

You can sign up for all the camps on their website: TetonTutors.org, or contact [email protected] for more information.

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