Teton Historic Preservation Foundation protects community anchors

JACKSON, Wyo. — These days driving through local neighborhoods can be disorienting. Buildings that stood for years are not only gone; they’ve been replaced. These older properties, those that connect residents’ hearts and memories, are called anchors.

Each one anchors its neighborhood, maintaining the neighborhood’s character despite nearby development. Residents rely on anchors as their community evolves, keeping us oriented and feeling like we are home.

Historic preservation is not new and our local organizations and individuals represent world-class expertise. Together they’ve fought hard to protect and preserve threatened community anchors, like the Nurses’ Quarters on Glenwood.

Despite willing developers and interested buyers, the property will likely still be demolished because we lacked an organization with the resources to run quarterback on the effort. The new Historic Preservation Foundation is that organization.

Today, the Genevieve, Persephone, and Healthy Being Juicery are protected by historic preservation easements held by the Teton Historic Preservation Foundation. These neighborhood anchors aren’t going anywhere and the Foundation can’t wait to work with the growing list of interested property owners, protecting more community anchors, and our collective feeling of home.

More information at Teton Historic Preservation Foundation can be found here.

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