Teton Conservation District seeking public input

JACKSON, WY— Teton Conservation District is revising its 12-year-old Flat Creek Watershed Management Plan and is seeking public input.

The purpose of the plan, written in 2006, is to restore water and habitat quality in the Flat Creek Watershed to meet regulatory requirements and achieve stakeholder goals. This year’s revision will revisit and re-prioritize the management practices and policies to further improve the health of Flat Creek. Alder Environmental LLC is facilitating the revision process.

Stakeholder input and feedback are crucial to the revision process. You can provide input in one (or several) of the following ways:

1. Attend the Public Stakeholder Meeting: Monday, May 7th, 2018 from 5-6 pm at the Teton County Library Auditorium (125 Virginian Lane)
2. Complete the online Participation Survey  – or find the survey at JH Clean Water Coalition.
3. Email written comment to [email protected]
4. Mail written comment to Brooke Stallings at P.O. Box 6519, Jackson, WY 83002

To learn more, visit JH Clear Water Coalition’s website or call Brooke Stallings and Brian Remlinger with Alder Environmental LLC at 307-733-5031.

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