Testing event results: so far negative, many still pending

JACKSON, Wyo. — The results of more than 1,300 COVID-19 test samples collected at Teton County Health Department’s mass testing event last week are still in progress, but the Health Department says so far all of the tests it has processed have come back negative — meaning, no COVID.

That’s a good thing, says Teton District Health Officer Travis Riddell, MD, MPH. But it’s not a sign that we’re out of the woods yet. The Health Department still has plenty of tests to process.

“These results are another important indication that, thanks to the efforts of many individuals across our community, we have flattened the COVID-19 outbreak curve,” Riddell said in a press release. “Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over. Cases continue to mount in other parts of our state, our region, and the world. We will see more coronavirus in Teton County, and therefore it is important for us to continue following State-wide health orders and guidance including physical distancing and face covering.”

The testing event drew more than 1,300 Teton County residents to the Teton County Fairgrounds to get tested for COVID-19. Uninsured people could get a voucher from the Health Department, and more than 400 people did. The event was “beyond our wildest dreams,” Health Department Director Jodie Pond said last week.

The Health Department will not be able to call all 1,355 people who were tested at the event. Instead, they will only call individuals whose tests come back positive.

Remember that active disease testing is a point-in-time test, meaning it only determines if you have COVID-19 in that moment. Just because you didn’t have it Friday doesn’t mean you can’t get it today. The Health Department also reminds you that the nature of participants being self-selecting may not paint a complete picture of COVID-19 in the community at this time.

If you checked that you had symptoms at the event and those symptoms have not improved, please contact your healthcare provider. COVID-19 active disease tests are still available at Emerg-a-Care or by calling the St. John’s hotline at 307-739-4898, option 3. If you are uninsured or underinsured and need a voucher for a free COVID-19 test, please call the Teton County Health Department at 307-733-6401.

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