JACKSON, WY – The cottonwood trees near Jackson Hole High School and Colter Elementary have proven dangerous over the years. Five came down just last month.

Deeming then a safety concern, TCSD will remove 26 of them in the next week.

Falling trees create significant safety concerns for district administrators, especially those located close to school buildings and parking lots. The facilities department has closely monitored the trees and when signs of failure are observed, trees have been removed. After the wind event on July 28, the facilities department is consulting with an arborist to evaluate the condition trees located on district property and close to school buildings or parking lots that could pose a safety concern.

As a result of that inspection, 22 trees near Jackson Hole High School and four trees near Colter Elementary School will be removed in the coming week. TCSD says it is “very unfortunate” to have to remove the trees, but “student, staff and visitor safety has to be our highest priority.”

A replacement plan is being established to plant new aspen or ash trees in the coming weeks.