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JACKSON, Wyo. — 22Local, a new online platform designed to put $1 million back into local business, recently launched on May 13. During its first day, the site had over $5,000 in purchases from over 20 customers supporting 22 businesses.

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, with support from Brian Modena and TMBR Creative Agency, recently released the website to sell gift certificate bonds from over 50 local businesses in one easy-to-use platform.

With local funding from the TTB granted on May 14, The Chamber of Commerce expects platform sales to grow exponentially. “Teton County locals are strongly supporting the platform right out of the gate to show excitement and gratitude to the businesses they love,” Chamber employee Britney Magleby shared.

“With an extensive marketing campaign in place, we’re now starting to see future visitors across the nation shop the platform to save money on their dream vacations to Jackson.”

The idea is simple: buy a gift certificate bond now to give your favorite local businesses immediate cashflow. Bonds are discounted but not immediately redeemable. So a customer could, for example, pay $80 for a $100 gift certificate bond that can be redeemed in three months.


Head to 22local.com. Once there, you can choose from seven different business categories to find an organization you wish to support.


After selecting a category, you’ll find a list of participating organizations with the percent discount listed that you’ll receive for purchasing a gift certificate bond.


Once you select your organization, you can choose a gift certificate amount of your liking, and the amount you owe with the discount applied will be displayed. For example, if you wish to purchase a $25 gift certificate for a restaurant with a 10 percent discount, you’ll only have to pay $22.50 but you’ll still be able to use the gift certificate for up to $25 at a later time!

Also, a redemption date estimate will be given for which you must redeem the gift certificate by, though this varies by organization, and for some organizations, there is no limit.


In a few easy steps, individuals are able to help the businesses they’ve come to know and love. This unique program will, once again, re-stimulate our local economy and support our friends and neighbors.

To purchase bonds and learn more, visit 22Local here.