Success story: Pup and human find a home

JACKSON, WY— Danny’s story is a familiar one: He was moving to Jackson, he needed a place to live, but housing is in short supply. So his human, David Harris, posted a video to 22 Rents Facebook page outlining reasons Danny would make a great roommate.

Danny is a dog. He was just a puppy when he moved here in November, and when the dating site-style video went semi-viral in the small community that saw it. “Puppy needs a place to stay, comes with human,” the post in 22 Rents read. Twenty-nine people “liked” or “loved” the post, and Harris and Danny found a home right away.

22 Rents is an online classified group on Facebook, managed by Buckrail, aimed at helping Jackson residents find housing. Members can post available units, or post ads in search of housing, as Harris did. In Harris’s case, one post was all it took.

“That post did the trick right away,” Harris told Buckrail.

He found a place, within his budget, and a roommate he now considers a close friend. “He treats Danny as if he was his own,” Harris said.

Harris said his experience on 22 Rents feels a lot like his overall experience in Jackson—really fortunate. Generous. Harris learned quickly that it’s hard and expensive to live in Jackson, but there’s camaraderie in that. “There’s a sense of, ‘hey, I know how hard it is, so let me help you out,” Harris said.  The people that live here are really committed to living here, and the lifestyle it embodies.

“It’s been a breath of fresh air, literally and metaphorically, in that I’m surrounded by people from all walks of life that are thirsty for adventure and connecting with our mother Earth. Birds of a feather, right?”

Danny is happy here, too. He goes on regular walks with his human and is happy to have a roof (woof?) over his head. He and Harris are hoping to make it work this summer, and for who knows how long after.

“I want to bless the community in the way it has done for me,” Harris said.

Check out currently listings on 22 Rents here

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