Stio features local athletes in launch of new hardshell collection, the Raymer

JACKSON, Wyo.—Last month, Stio added a new hardshell to their inventory of Jackson-born outdoor clothing—the Raymer hardshell collection. To celebrate the launch, Stio released a short video that featured local athletes putting the jacket to the test.

Ski pole - Snowshoe
The streamlined design of the Raymer packs small when shedding a layer on spring days. Photo: Fredrik Marmsater

In the film, local heroes Keely Kelleher, Halina Boyd, Sam Schwartz, and Tanner Flanagan don the new jacket on boot packs, tram laps, skin tracks, and descents of every style. As a nod to another local hero, The Raymer is named to honor the legacy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ski patroller Tom Raymer.

The film demonstrates the features of the jacket—the Raymer is lightweight and breathable for the skin track as well as waterproof for the deepest of days. Built for active skiers, Stio hopes that this jacket is a single solution for the terrain and weather they see every day in the mountains of Jackson Hole touting, “it’s why this season, the Raymer is the one for us, and if you ski like we do, it’s the one for you too.”

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