St. John’s Health reports good news in the fight against COVID

JACKSON, Wyo. — With town and county health orders extended through the end of the month, locals received some encouraging news from the hospital regarding the latest COVID data.

“I am happy to be providing a somewhat lighter update this week, as I am encouraged by the latest Teton County COVID metrics, said St. John’s Health CEO Paul Beaupré, MD. “The current numbers give me hope that, by doing the right thing to reduce the spread of disease, we can reverse surge trends when we encounter them. This is especially important so that local schools have the best possible chance of a successful reopening.”

St. John’s reports it has not had a COVID patient in several days and the number of COVID-positive or quarantined staff members has dropped to the single digits. Beaupré credited new tighter visitor policy restrictions and “herculean efforts” by chief nursing officer Marsha Sensat, as well as the hospital’s clinical leadership and HR group.

In other encouraging news, a positive COVID test in the Living Center months ago did not result in any additional infections according to contact tracing and a stepped-up COVID testing schedule for staff and residents.

I’m confident we are going to be able to open our new Sage Living residence for seniors next summer, safely and on schedule,” Beaupré added.

Next week, St. John’s will begin COVID surveillance testing for community businesses in partnership with the Teton County Health Department, through funding from the CARES Act. Already more than 70 businesses have enrolled for free random testing of their asymptomatic workforce.

“Surveillance testing aids us in identifying people who are asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic so that we can contain the spread of disease and help reduce closures and other impacts on business,” Beaupré said. “I encourage your business to participate if you have not already signed up.”

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