Snowmobiler killed in avalanche near Mt. Leidy

JACKSON, WYO –A snowmobiler was caught and buried in an avalanche yesterday afternoon around 3pm near Mt. Leidy. Members of the victim’s party were able to get the man dug out but he did not survive.

A snowmobiler triggered a slab avalanche from the base of a steep slope. The slab failed on faceted snow and propagated to adjacent terrain. The sledder was buried below the snow surface and did not have an avalanche transceiver. Members of his party searched the debris and located the handle bars of his sled. They used probes to find him 10 feet uphill of the sled and shovels to excavate him from beneath six feet of avalanche debris. He was unresponsive after being dug out.

The avalanche occurred at 9,515 feet in an area on Togwotee Pass where another snowmobiler was also buried and killed on April 22, 2018.

Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue has identified the deceased as Cody S. Christopherson, 29, of Wisconsin.

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