Snow King ponders climbing gym, mountain sports complex

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Snow King Mountain Resort is exploring adding a Mountain Sports Complex to its Snow King Base Area Master Plan Amendment. Reps from Snow King say they’ve heard feedback encouraging to such an endeavor.

“We have heard from many members of our community through the engagement process that a climbing gym and sports training facility would be a great community benefit,” said Snow King GM Ryan Stanley. “We are studying not only the demand for a first-class climbing gym, but also for a training facility that could be used by Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club (JHSC) and the community at large. Snow King seeks to be an exceptional mountain for athletes to train and excel in skiing and other mountain activities.”

Outdoor climbing rocks like the Phil Baux Park climbing boulders at the base of Snow King have been popular. (Yelp)

The community has been without an indoor place to practice climbing since the shuttering of Enclosure in fall of 2014.

Snow King Mountain is currently working on amending its Phase 2 Master Plans to reflect the community’s input over the last several months. Climbing advocates have passionately discussed the need for a climbing gym in town and Snow King has been in discussions within the climbing community to address the demand and design. The addition of a climbing gym to Snow King would be one of the firsts of its kind at the base of a ski hill in the country, widening the variety of user groups at Snow King.

“Climbers have been advocating for an indoor climbing facility in town for years, especially near Snow King, and we are excited to be discussing the possibilities of bringing a facility to life,” says Tyler Barker with The Town Pump bouldering series and president of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard board of directors. “Our community would benefit from a state of the art facility in the heart of Jackson to train and engage the next generation of mountaineers. We look forward to working with Snow King to achieve this goal.”

The Mountain Sports Complex would also serve as a training facility for the JHSSC, providing winter athletes a place for weight training, instructor led classes, and access to the climbing facility. Snow King is committed to fostering and supporting the JHSSC and hopes to work with them on making this project a reality.

“Our club, its athletes, and families are always seeking ways to improve. Expanded and enhanced facilities at the west base of Snow King would help to make full use of this truly world-class venue for our kids and visiting athletes and teams,” said JHSC executive director Brian Krill. “Snow King Mountain continues to come to the table with exciting ideas and a willingness to invest in bettering the mountain, and thereby our Club, our programs, and the community. The Mountain Sports Complex is an important step in retaining and serving our athletes at the highest level.”

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