GARDINER, Mont. — The second annual Lighting of the Teepees exhibit comes to a close this evening, Aug. 7 in Yellowstone National Park.

The week-long exhibit, “The Lighting of Teepees: An Era of Unity and Inclusivity,” which commenced Aug. 1, featured seven teepees that were lit up at sunset each evening.

The Pretty Shield Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing education and services to American and First Nation communities, provides and installs the Teepees. The Foundation uses “lighted lodges (tepees) as symbols to ‘light our pathway in our journey in life,’ encouraging healing and strengthening of self through purpose, meaning and hope.”

According to the Pretty Shield Foundation, “The lights can be various colors and don’t necessarily represent one thing but are lighted to bring hope and love into the world.”

“Lighting of the Teepees in Yellowstone Park are symbols of a legacy and vision of my ancestors which is an inclusion of welcoming, belonging and building of relationships where mutual respect and honor is practiced and encouraged by all nations and races throughout the world,” William Snell Jr. President of Pretty Shield Foundation said.

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