Photo: Jeffrey J. Soulliere // Life So Wild Tours

Editor’s note: A Life So Wild Tours tour guide was told by a park ranger yesterday that the alpha female of the Wapiti pack had died, which was relayed by us. We have taken out that information until the park service can confirm her status.

JACKSON, Wyo. — Most know that the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home to some of the most savage and wild animals, including wolves. However, it’s still a very rare experience to encounter wolves up close and personal in this rich ecosystem.

Life So Wild Tours guide, Jeffery Soulliere, experienced just that, sharing some images with Buckrail that he took of wolves this week in the park.

“They seemed after a while not to want to jump in the snow and disappear like normal wolves do when crossing the human roads,” said Soulliere.

Seeking to find out more about why the wolves were in the area they were, Soulliere mentioned that he wanted to speak with YNP’s Doug Smith and reach out to GTNP wolf biologists as well.


“It a mystery worthy of a few conversations with the wolf biologists, I think at least it’s very interesting wolf behavior,” Soulliere said.

Jacob Gore was born and raised in Cheyenne, the capital city of Wyoming. As a proud Wyomingite, he loves to share his home with visitors from around the world. Spending years in Jackson and Alaska as an interpretive nature guide, he remains a photographer, traveler, storyteller, and avid hobbyist of all-things outdoors. Jacob enjoys bridging the connection between Jackson and the rest of the state.