Teton County Special Olympics athletes strike a pose. (See gallery below for more pictures of the events) Photo: TCSD

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County School District’s (TCSD) Special Olympic athletes showed up in full force on Friday for the county’s Wyoming Special Olympics Summer Games.

15 district athletes competed in two categories of sports; Basketball Skills and Track and Field Events.

Scores from Friday’s events will be compiled and sent to the state office where they will place the athletes in groups with athletes from across the state. From there, individual scores will be compared to create appropriate groupings and award the athletes accordingly. An online virtual award ceremony is slated for June 4th and 5th.


Basketball Skills

  • Dribbling skills, dribbling for speed and accuracy
  • Passing and catching skills, passing at a target and catching the ball upon it’s return, points awarded for accuracy
  • Shooting, athletes shot baskets from 6 different locations on the court, 2 shots from each location and points were awarded accordingly

Track and Field

  • The majority of athletes participated in the 100-meter run and 200 m run, one athlete participated in the 100-meter walk and 50-meter walk
  • Softball throw, throwing for distance
  • Long jump, 2 athletes participated in the standing long jump, all others participated in the running long jump

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