SNAPPED: Owl vs Raven…score one for the owl

Update: Our friends at the Teton Raptor Center have identified the birds as a Great Horned Owl and a raven, not a crow as first reported.

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Owls and ravens are age-old enemies so it is perhaps not surprising to see them do battle in Jackson Hole where we have an abundance of both.

This Great Horned Owl got the upper hand on a raven in downtown Jackson the other night. Not an everyday occurrence to be able to see something like this and capture it on video. Thank you to Suzy Cruz for sending us her parents’ cool shot of the scene.

Several concerned citizens reached out to the Teton Raptor center about an injured owl. Raptor center staff was able to quickly get to the scene and found the Great Horned Owl in good health and that it had napped a common raven for dinner.

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