JACKSON, Wyo. — Elk have been active across the Jackson Hole valley this fall.

Buckrail photographer Nick Sulzer recently captured a few bull elk grazing.

Fall also marks the elk rut, when bulls are looking to attract mates. From early September through October, bull elk can be heard bugling at twilight. This sound is made to advertise their fitness to cow elk and to show off to other bulls. Elk are most active before sunrise and after sunset but will bugle throughout the night as well. The rut can begin as early as late August and can continue into early November, according to the NPS.

During the rut cows, calves and yearlings form harems with one or two mature bulls. The harem is formed by bugles from the bulls, trying to attract cows to mate with.

The regular hunting season for antelope, deer and elk begins tomorrow, Oct. 1, for many hunt area zones across the state.

Buckrail @ Lindsay

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