JACKSON, Wyo. — Calving season is underway and it seems that baby calves are multiplying in the Northern South Park region with each passing day.

Lockhart Cattle reported its first calf of 2022 on March 19. Their pastures have been filling with baby cows ever since.

“We have had 190 [calves] so far, but are still calving for the next three to four weeks,” said Chase Lockhart on Friday.

Of course, calving season is not isolated to just to cows in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Baby bison calves are also born in late April and early May, with reddish-brown coats, they are nicknamed “red dogs” for their coat color but will turn dark brown by the end of the summer.

Born weighing about 30-70 pounds at birth, the calves can keep up with the herd two to three hours after birth. They are well protected by their mothers and other members of the herd and stay with their mothers for the first year of their lives.

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