‘Slip n’ slide’ season arriving on Wyo roads

WYOMING — Alpine EMS and Alpine Fire responded a single-car rollover in Snake River Canyon at around 7:45 this morning.

The sole occupant was uninjured, but Alpine EMS says this is a good time to remind commuters to be mindful of winter conditions and road safety.

Drivers should pay extra attention to road conditions and the safety of other drivers in the coming months. There are more cars commuting in the Canyon than ever before, and the lack of cell reception makes it even harder for emergency responders to act swiftly.

If you do find yourself or someone else in trouble, it helps to give as much information as possible to dispatch. How many vehicles were involved? Are the occupants trapped or could they self-extricate? Did the car go over the guard rail? Were there any injuries?

This is all important information for Fire and EMS to know when responding to an accident. But the most helpful thing you can do is drive safely. Buckle up, allow extra time to get to your destination, and be considerate of other drivers with less winter driving experience.

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