Photo : Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A skier triggered an avalanche near Mail Cabin Trail on Teton Pass yesterday afternoon. The skier was fully buried but managed to self-extract uninjured.

The slide occurred Monday afternoon around 12:30pm when a skier was making the last four or five turns coming down to the main Mail Cabin Trail on the south-facing slopes opposite the Doits (Two runs referred to by locals as Do-It and Do-It Again).

The skier was fully buried on main trail after getting hung up on some terrain feature. The slide continued a full run to the creek bottom. The skier could see some light under the snow and was able to communicate. The skier managed to self-extract with the aid of two partners who helped to uncover skis and one pole.

The slide was 50 feet high and about 100 feet wide. Total full run of the avalanche was about 75 feet. The crown was estimated at 16 inches on hard crust from either temperature or sunmelt before the last storm. It broke off a soft slab on a southeast aspect.

The slide occurred at about 7,665 feet on a 33-degree slope.