Ski on! Grooming will continue on Snow King thanks to fundraising efforts

JACKSON, WY – Local recreationists, rejoice! Snow King will continue to groom the hill a few more times this spring to maintain the uphill accessed ski runs. Snow King is closed for the season, so the only way to access these groomed trails is by uphill travel.

Snow King, in partnership with Exum and Arc’teryx, agreed that if the community could raise enough money for three grooming sessions (roughly $3,000), they would throw in an additional fourth grooming for free. The group encouraged people to join them at Cowboy Coffee on Wednesday, April 3rd. They were able to sell enough raffle tickets (at $5 a piece) to raise $2,955. Medicine Wheel Wellness will round it out to 3K.

Brenton Reagan of Exum Mountain Guides was one of the team members spearheading this fundraising effort:

It was the locals that made it easy. They showed up with a lot of love for skiing and Snow King in their hearts and we managed to sell enough raffle tickets in 45 minutes to hit our goal.

Keep an eye out for future notices regarding grooming. Cheers to a few more weeks of uphill skiing!

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