Serpents in the sky? Wyoming highlighted in UFO report

WYOMING The Cowboy State has been named specifically in a recent rash of  similarly-described Unidentified Flying Object[UFO] sightings across the United States.

According to a report by KGAB AM650, month’s worth of UFO reports detail uniformly an elongated, serpent-like aerial phenomenon over a widespread area between Washington State and New York while listing the great State of Wyoming as a hot spot among the sightings.

Officially first spotted in June over the Mojave Desert, the more recent high volume of sightings has caught the attention of international news outlets as well a spurred creative theorizing.

Speculative voices wonder if the aerial objects might be balloons or kites, though both explanations have failed to remain aloft. The object’s movements have not been consistent with that of a balloon, and appeared at an altitude greater than achievable by kite.

Earlier this year a Buckrail reader captured and submitted a still unidentified video of lights in the sky over Jackson.

Strange light captured flying over Jackson Hole


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