JACKSON, Wyo. — Fall kicks off the first release of local ice cream company, Cream + Sugar’s, seasonal flavors. Now available in select stores and online for nationwide shipping on Goldbelly, Cream + Sugar takes a fall turn with their Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Made with velvety pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, all wrapped in sweet cream ice cream, the Pumpkin Sandwiches pack a seasonal punch into the signature four-bite dessert. These limited-release selections will be available for a limited time. And look for Cream + Sugar’s next seasonal release: Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches, available beginning at the end of November through the holiday season.

Photo: Fine Dining Restaurant Group

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About Cream + Sugar
Cream + Sugar was born out of a desire to make high-quality, house-made, hand-packed ice cream in fanciful flavors to serve in Fine Dining Restaurant Group restaurants. Once guests tasted the sweet treats, they started asking where they could buy a pint or a container to take home with them.

From a small space in the back of a restaurant kitchen, production grew, leading chef Chad Horton to bring on more team members to simply keep up with the demand for our frozen treats – team members whose entire job was assembling ice cream sandwiches and packing pints.

With two specialty stores in the Fine Dining family, the Cream + Sugar team started packaging their signature ice cream sandwiches in quart containers and ice cream in blank white pints, calling them Cream + Sugar, slapping a sticker on them and selling them to eager customers. Word made it around Jackson Hole. Pretty soon, they couldn’t keep the ice cream sandwiches on the shelves and nearly as soon as they were restocked, the containers were gone.

Since then, the team, table and freezer space may have grown, but the approach has not. All Cream + Sugar ice creams are still made by hand, cookies are baked daily, and everything is assembled and packaged before making its way to grocery shelves. Cream + Sugar believes the hand-made approach is evident in every last drip.

No matter the creation, each Cream + Sugar product is spun with love, knowing that life is simply better with ice cream.

For more on Cream + Sugar, visit creamandsugaricecream.com.