Search and Rescue launches new business partnership

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Teton County Search and Rescue’s (TCSAR) Backcountry Zero today announced a business advocate program to recognize a partnership between TCSAR’s outreach arm and local businesses committed to recreating safely.

The TCSAR Foundation launched Backcountry Zero in 2015 as a means to inspire, educate, collaborate, and foster leadership in order to heighten awareness for safer practices in the backcountry. The new advocate program involves five local companies committed to being agents of positive change for the Jackson Hole community and the backcountry community at large.

Mad River Boat Tours, Hoback Sports, Snow King Mountain, Jackson Lake Lodge, and Skinny Skis/Moosely Mountaineering were named by the TCSAR Foundation as five key business partners. The list is expected to expand to include other companies in the near future.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have these businesses join our team. Our business advocates are outstanding organizations who share the same philosophy, core values and dedication we do to the goals and mission of Backcountry Zero. They have a passion for our community, backcountry adventure and a demonstrated commitment to safety, training and user ethics,” said Amy Golightly, associate director of Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation.

Golightly added: As Backcountry Zero business advocates, these businesses will help increase awareness of the Backcountry Zero mission to reduce injuries and fatalities in the backcountry. Due to their direct daily contact with backcountry users, these businesses have the ability to improve the preparedness of those venturing into the backcountry and to increase community dialogue about backcountry risk and safety. They will also work to inspire those they come into contact with to join the Backcountry Zero community.

In exchange for the participation in the program, businesses receive co-branded signage about backcountry safety to display in their business, backcountry safety checklists to distribute to customers/guests, an employee training with TCSAR volunteers about the Backcountry Zero program and general backcountry safety, social media promotions, a presence on the website, and t-shirts for employees.


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