Search and Rescue called out on another skier avalanche injury

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A skier was injured this morning in an avalanche in the Rock Springs Canyon area just outside the boundary of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The man was an employee backcountry guide of the resort but not on duty at the time of the incident. He was swept the entire run of Spacewalk Couloir but not buried.

“He was taken for a ride,” JHMR spokesperson Anna Cole said. “He didn’t realize the extent of his injuries, initially, and started out toward Ralph’s Slide where he felt he could not go any further.”

Ski patrol was able to stabilize the man there and establish a landing zone where a Search and Rescue helicopter picked him up. He was transported to St. John’s Medical Center where he is being treated for a neck injury.

Jon Hunt (LinkedIn)

Cole said the victim never lost consciousness and did have feeling in his extremities while he waited for Search and Rescue.

Buckrail has learned the guide involved in the avalanche is Jon Hunt, 55, of Wilson, Wyo.

The slide was reported to be about 2 feet in depth at an elevation of 9,867 feet.

The slide occurred in an avalanche-prone area where a skier-triggered event on December 24, 2018 resulted in a dislocated hip for one skier after he was swept the entire run of the chute.


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