WYOMING – An eighth-grader at Sage Valley Junior High School who threatened to shoot up the school complete with a list of several people he intended to kill will be charged as an adult. As such, Dale Warner, 14, has been named by authorities in Campbell County who say the teenager is facing nine counts of attempted first-degree murder—one for each intended victim.

Warner was apprehended Tuesday at school with two handguns (one on his person, one in his locker) and 36 rounds of ammunition. A fellow student tipped off the principal after learning of Warner’s plan and seeing his gun.

The Gillette News Record is reporting Warner had little remorse about the planned shooting or how the victim’s families would feel if he had gone through with it. He said he woke up that morning and decided to shoot up the school in honor of his biological father whom he said attempted the same thing but was arrested and sent to prison.

Warner is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing November 21.