Savion Glover’s ALL FuNKD’ UP with live band Dance Candy

JACKSON, WY— Classic grooves, soul and blues plus one-of-a-kind funk jams with tap genius Savion Glover and six-piece jazz/funk band Dance Candy — make it your Saturday night on February 2nd!

Dancers’ Workshop presents “Savion Glover’s ALL FuNKD’ UP” in The Center Theater. The show blends jaw-dropping tap magic with hip hop and pop, jazz and funk, and straight up R&B. Savion lets his feet do the talking with “almost indescribable speed, rhythm, talent and stamina” says reviewer Seth Saith, and becomes one of the instruments on stage.

The New Yorker called Savion Glover “the greatest tap virtuoso of our time, perhaps of all time.”

Expect to hear hints of late greats Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and more throughout the night, and the hoofer’s reverence for the late great jazz saxophonist John Coltrane will most definitely be apparent. Throughout Savion’s 37-year career, he has enjoyed dancing on concert stages throughout the world with legendary jazz musicians including Jack DeJohnette, Roy Haynes and McCoy Tyner. He wishes to forever acknowledge Jimmy Slyde, Gregory Hines, Isaiah Lon Chaney, Buster Brown, Dianne Walker, Chuck Green, Sir Slyde, Ralph Brown, Ivery Dan, Henry LeTang, George Hillman and John Coltrane, some of the greatest entertaining Hooferz and musicians to date.

Tickets for “Savion Glover’s ALL FuNKD’ UP” are on sale now through The Center Box Office. Ticket prices range from $25-75. Box Office hours are Monday – Friday, 12-5 p.m. Purchase tickets in person, online or by calling 307-733-4900.


Jazz/funk group Dance Candy

Community Partner:

Dancers’ Workshop

Dancers’ Workshop is a center for movement and dance education, performance and outreach We are a dance school, a presenter and a commissioner of new work

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