JACKSON, WY – The partners behind the Save the Block campaign have set an ambitious new goal to raise $4 million by the 4th of July.

Save the Block needs to raise $8 million total to purchase the green space and easements on E. Broadway, the land on which Cafe Genevieve, Persephone Bakery and Healthy Being Juicery now sit. They ran a successful Million Dollar May campaign, securing 1,000 gifts to receive a $1 million grant for an anonymous local family. They’ve raised a total of $2.2 million so far. But they’re still $5.5 million short.

Meeting the $4 million mark by July 4 would put them a lot closer to their goal, and help bridge the gap from where they are to where they need to be by the August 4 deadline. The campaign is asking for an additional 1,000 gifts of any size to bring the total number of gifts to 3,000 and counting.  It’s a monetary goal, but it’s also just a rallying cry to community members to show their support.

“Time is truly of the essence with this project,” said Jackson Hole Land Trust Board Chair Jason Snider. “While we are so impressed by the quantity of donors that have given $20, $50, $100, we hope this challenge also encourages those individuals that have been waiting for the opportune moment to make a big splash to jump into the action. With fewer than nine weeks before the fundraising deadline, the Land Trust is now providing the chance for key community members to contribute to this incredible cause.”

Jackson Hole Land Trust is the project’s lead fundraising organization and is both enlivened by the campaign’s pace and excited to see the community step up to help round out the halfway point of the fundraising goal.

“The Jackson Hole Land Trust is thrilled by the vivacity of the Save the Block project. We hope that many more members of the community will join us in reaching our goal this summer,” said JHLT President Laurie Andrews. “We are unbelievably grateful for each and every gift, regardless of size, and know that without the generosity of our donors, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Community members are encouraged to engage with the Block by using the green space all summer. With monthly Summer Concert Series hosted on the Block, the Jackson Hole Land Trust plans to add programming for yoga, lawn game nights, fly-fishing casting sessions, art projects, dance performances and more to the calendar. Large oversized letters spelling “Land Trust” currently sit on the green space, inviting the community to doodle, write, and share what the space means to each visitor.

Visit SaveTheBlock.org to learn more about the campaign.

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Shannon is a Wyoming-raised writer and reporter. She just completed a master's in journalism from Boston University. Jackson shaped her into an outdoorswoman, but a love for language and the human condition compels her to write. She believes there's no story too small to tell nor adventure too small to take.