Roadhouse releases ‘Funk House’ barrel-aged beer series

JACKSON, Wyo. — Funk – noun, wild yeast and bacteria that aids in creating truly tasty beers.

That’s Roadhouse Brewing Company’s definition, at least, and the inspiration behind its just-released “Funk House” barrel-aged beer collection. “Funk House” is a limited-release series of brews aged from eight to 24 months in local wine, whiskey, and gin barrels. Named for the brewery’s barrel room, the Funk House collection is an ode to the “funk” that makes Roadhouse beer taste like magic.

Funk House beers are tasty twists on Roadhouse classic favorites, reimagined with the help of oak, time, and a little creativity: The “Avarice & Apricots,” an adaptation of Roadhouse’s Belgian Style Golden Ale “Avarice & Greed,” aged for 12 months in a red wine barrel with apricots. The “Mountain Mystic,” an Imperial Stout aged for two years in Wyoming Whiskey barrels. The “Pride & Piggishness,” a Belgian Style Golden Ale aged for eight months in Jackson Hole Still Works Gin barrels with lavender and citrus peels.

“What’s fun about this small-scale production is we can think about some of our favorite beer styles and the flavor profiles that come from the normal fermentation process. When we combine that with time and barrels from some of our friends, there’s no barrier to creativity” said Head Brewer Max Shafer.

The flavors left behind by each booze — vanilla, citrus, wine, etc. — are meant to complement the flavors naturally produced in each beer. The flavors in the Wyoming Whiskey barrel, for example, “really mellowed out” the otherwise heavy imperial stout. “It brought out a lot of vanilla and oak flavors, it’s even a little maple-y,” Shafer said. “It’s tasty. It’s a big beer.”

“After multiple months in barrel, nature and nurture have collaborated perfectly to create some funky, gritty, and super geeky brews. I hope people nerd-out drinking them like we did making them,” says Roadhouse Brewing Co-Founder and Brewmaster Colby Cox.

Taste the first five beers in the “Funk House” series at a special event with Shafer this Wednesday, December 4 at the taproom at 1225 Gregory Lane. Tickets to the party are $10. Bottles are on sale now at the taproom and at the Roadhouse Pub & Eatery (on the Town Square) for $9.99 per bottle until they run out. Roadhouse is only making between 400-800 bottles of each limited-release beer, so get them while you can.

Meet the beers: 

The full “Funk House” lineup. Photo: Roadhouse Brewing Co.
  •  “Avarice & Apricots” Belgian Style Golden Ale (10% ABV) aged for 12 months in red wine
    barrels with apricots
  • “Avarice & Raspberries” Belgian Style Golden Ale (10% ABV) aged for 12 months in red
    wine barrels with raspberries
  • “Mountain Mystic” Imperial Stout (11% ABV) aged for 24 months in Wyoming
    Whiskey barrels
  • “Teton Tea” American Brown Ale (7.5% ABV) aged for eight months in Wyoming
    Whiskey barrels with one pound coffee per barrel
  • “Pride & Piggishness” Belgian Style Golden Ale (13% ABV) aged for eight months in
    Jackson Hole Still Works Gin barrels with lavender and citrus peels

Roadhouse’s Funk House barrel-aged beer program will continue into 2020 with more creative concoctions on the horizon.

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