Ride2Fly airport shuttle grounded in favor of taxi service

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The airport shuttle known as Ride2Fly began as a promising low-cost ground transportation alternative from Jackson to the airport five years ago. Of late, however, the service was maligned by poor reviews and numerous complaints.

At its last board meeting, the airport board opted to pull the plug on the program, offering what it now calls a rebranded Taxi2Fly, which is basically a local’s special of $20 a trip per rider from the town parking garage to the airport. One of 18 authorized taxi services in Jackson are enrolled in that new program.

History of heartache

Ride2Fly never really got off the ground. Alltrans was to be the subcontractor years ago but pulled out of the deal. START wanted nothing to do with an airport run, calling it a money-loser for them given the program’s cost structure.

When an operator was finally secured, service was iffy and the latest Google reviews were scathing.

“Left early didn’t even reimburse us. Called to ask where the shuttle was. Operator hung up. Complaint will be filed with police, better business bureau,” stated Ryan Rosenfeld a month ago.

“Never answer the phones to confirm a ride. Can’t be trusted to actually get you to your flight,” ripped Trevor Tew four weeks ago.

Robert Jones advised simply, “Do NOT use this service if you want a guaranteed ride to the airport.”

Faced with rising costs to allow shuttle-takers to park at the town’s parking garage and mounting complaints, Airport director Jim Elwood had seen enough.

“The service level was unsatisfactory and the complaint level was very high,” Elwood admitted to town leaders.

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