Return of the Coney Classic Alpine Skijor and Dog Party

ALPINE, WY— It’s all the romance of dog sledding, with the physicality of cross-country skiing.  Jackson enjoys a long history of both horse and dog skijoring. Dog skijoring, the Coney Classic (original Jackson version) in Teton Village started in 2001, Horse skijoring started in approximately 2000.

The third annual Coney Classic Alpine Skijor and Dog Party is on the books for Saturday, February 3 from 10 am-2 pm (races start at 11). The race is a fundraising event for Alpine’s local cross-country ski trails. Alpine Cross Country Ski Association will also share proceeds with Lucky’s Place Animal Shelter in Thayne. The first two years were a hit, and this year is expected to be even bigger.

So what is skijoring? In this case, it’s a cross-country ski race, but you’re strapped to your canine companion. It combines dog power and human power, employing the athletic ability of both dog and skier. Assuming you own cross-country ski equipment and an energetic dog, all you need is to add skijoring equipment (namely a harness and a leash for your dog, and one for yourself) for a guaranteed good time.  If you’re curious about learning or want some cool Instagram pictures, please bring your harness, a long leash, and you can see if your pup is a contender.  There will be dog harnesses available to try at the event.

The Coney Classic Alpine Skijor is a race with three classes: 5K, 3K, and 1K (beginner and kids). Dogs pull (or don’t) and ski with their humans around the various courses.  Participants don’t need any dog to race or dogs can run loose near their skiers.  Costumes are encouraged! There are prizes for the top racers in each category, as well as for the best costume.  There will be a DJ, raffle, silent auction, and refreshments.  All participants and observers will be able to enjoy this party atmosphere.

The day kicks off at 10 am February 3. The 5k starts first at 11 am, then all other racers start in 5-minute increments.  5K race first: 4 racers together on start line, 30 seconds between each group of 4, with 5 minutes between each new race

Dust off your cross-country skis, saddle up your dog (so to speak), and have fun while supporting a local non-profit!

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