Results are in for Marg Cup week 3

JACKSON, Wyo. — At the end of the third race in the Pica’s Margarita Cup race series, team World Domination was… still dominating.

The team is holding strong to its first-place position. It scored 68 points Monday evening, bringing the season total to a healthy 211 points. The second-place team, Bronc Collective, gained 61 points in Monday’s race, bringing them to 189 points total.

Former second-place holders the Buckrail Newsies, sponsored by Buckrail, were disqualified Monday after what Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club called “a series of seemingly benign decisions” that ultimately broke the rules of the race. According to a letter to Marg Cup racers, an unregistered racer took two runs under a registered racer’s bib number even though race rules specify racers cannot be substituted.

“We hate having to disqualify a team, but based on what is best for the integrity of the series, we have to stand by our rules,” the statement said.

JHSC does not believe any ill will was behind the decision. “The disqualified team did not intentionally try to enhance their standing in the series and the decision to let a substitute racer run the course was not made with the consensus of the entire team,” the letter said.

Disqualification means the team has lost their standing in the series. They’ll hold onto their scores from the first two races and have been invited to participate in the final race, but future runs won’t score any points toward a final score.

With the Buckrail Newsies out, Mach Schnell moved into third place for the season. The team scored 47 points Monday for a season total of 164.

Individually, Ryan Walters of team Cafe G skied the fastest Monday night. Austin Foote and Frankie Gibbs of Team Put Together came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

World Domination’s Annie Rendall was the fastest woman, followed closely by Lauren Roux of the same team and Tami Razinger of team Spaceballs.

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