JACKSON, Wyo. — Stop in the name of the sign!

With summer winding down and the school year about to kick off, it’s time for a quick refresher on the rules of the road.

Cyclists in Jackson are asked to follow laws to ensure the safety of others while getting around town. But, cycling laws in town aren’t always clear to riders. Therefore, the Jackson Police Department put it simply by citing Wyoming State Statute 31-5-702, “if you can’t do it in a car, you can’t do it on a bicycle.”

So what does this mean in terms of how you operate your bike? Here are the rules:

  • Always signal: Just like in a car, prior to turning, you must signal right or left.
  • Obey stop signs: That means a complete stop with one foot on the ground. Police have been giving warnings and sometimes even tickets to cyclists who fail to stop at stop signs. Friends of Pathways has been rewarding riders who obey stop signs with Pearl Street Bagel’s and Pinky G’s giftcards. So everytime you stop, you might just be in luck!
  • Have a light and rear reflector while riding at night: The law says so.

Cell Phones

Technically, the hands-free ordinance only applies to motor vehicles, however, W.S.S 31-5-702 also states that individuals can’t carry anything that would prevent the use of both hands to control their bike.

Biking while intoxicated

“We support those individuals attempting to do the right thing by using alternate transportation rather than driving a motor vehicle,” said the Jackson Police Department. However, if someone were to put themselves or others in harm by riding, a “DUI may be an appropriate charge.”

Four-way stops

Four-way stops, like the cluster along Kelly Ave., have shown time and time again that not everyone is sure how they work. Follow these four rules to a four-way stop to help keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

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