Recycling Center: no latex gloves, please

JACKSON, Wyo. — Can you still recycle during social isolation and COVID-19 concerns?

Yes, and you should, says the Recycling Center — as long as you’re doing it safely and responsibly.

The Trash Transfer Station and Recycling Center are operating as contact-free as possible. Recycling pickup is still happening. However, Recycling Center staff have noticed a large increase in latex/nitrile gloves discarded on the ground by recycling bins, or placed in the stretch plastic film bin. They aren’t recyclable. Improper disposal creates an additional health and safety concern for staff when cleaning up community sites and removing the gloves from plastic film.

The Recycling Center asks that you keep yourself safe by following CDC guidelines, but also keep recycling staff safe by taking your gloves home with you and throwing them away.

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