R Park update: Kiosk and new East Pond crossing complete

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Winter has a been busy at R Park as the mild season has allowed organizers to implement various reclamation and improvement projects.

New features around R Park have progressed to allow more exploration of the reclaimed landscape. Since acquiring the property in 2011, the Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT) and the LOR Foundation have helped reclaim 40-acres into what is now called R Park, transforming it into a community and wildlife oasis.

After months of progress, R Park organizers announced the completion of the East Pond Crossing, connecting two areas of R Park that were previously separated. The completed East Pond Crossing offers a new medium for visitors to explore the park. The pathway features boulders jutting over the water connecting the Snake River levee to the southeast corner of R Park.

Visitors may now explore safely by traversing from rock to rock to observe the frozen pond and neighboring wetlands from a safe distance. (Please use caution when “skipping” between the boulders, during winter months ice may accumulate, causing slippery conditions).

Kiosk Design Courtesy of GYDE Architects.

Kiosk Update

Entering R Park, you will be greeted by the most noticeable new amenity: a Welcome Kiosk. The Welcome Kiosk, designed by GYDE Architects, will offer coverage from sudden storms and shade from the summer sun. It’s currently 90% complete; just awaiting installation of signage including a comprehensive R Park Map that will offer trail and usage information to visitors.

The area surrounding the Welcome Kiosk is part of a larger Welcome Pavilion area that will include a covered picnic shelter, restrooms, and a seating area. Users are welcome to stop by to explore the new kiosk, but should exercise caution around the live-construction area.

Trail Signage

R Park’s trail signs almost complete.

Recent visitors may have noticed large structures or posts strategically placed around R Park’s trails, these will be new trail markers and welcome signs. The trail posts, designed by GYDE Architects, match the Welcome Kiosk’s aesthetic and once complete will provide pertinent information to visitors including: dog loop designation, R Park’s “Do’s and Dont’s” and an R Park map.

The improvements are all thanks to the LOR Foundation and its $1.7 million grant awarded to Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT) to complete the community’s vision of the park.

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