Pursue rises from the ashes, opens in new home

JACKSON, Wyo. — After nearly a year’s absence, Pursue opened its doors in a new location this week.

The multimodal fitness studio has been through several rebirths. It rebranded from Physique 22 to P22, then to Pursue Movement in 2015. But when the studio’s original home on Pearl Ave.* sold in 2018, it almost closed its doors forever.

Good luck struck in the form of a new space on 820 W Broadway. It’s bigger, better, offers more parking — exactly what Pursue owner Trish Fairbanks was looking for.

“It really allows us to grow and offer more to the community,” Fairbanks said.

Fairbanks’s leadership is another adaptation of the studio. Founder Danielle Goldyn Haigh passed Fairbanks the torch after the Pearl doors closed in 2018, but is still “very much involved” in the new space as an instructor, associate, and friend.

“We’re still working together every single day,” Fairbanks said. “I’m just really excited I can carry her vision forward, and then some.”

Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

The new space comes with new offerings. In addition to yoga, pilates, and megaformer classes that made the studio so popular, Pursue will now offer a new open gym that members can access 24/7.

“We’re the only studio or gym that has that option,” Fairbanks said.

The open gym will include cardio equipment, weights, ski ergs — “anything that is a way to strengthen the body,” Fairbanks said.

Fairbanks didn’t want to own a business. But she also didn’t want to see Pursue close. “I believe in the model,” she said. “When the opportunity came up to keep it alive, my husband and I jumped on it.”

“I really love Pursue,” Fairbanks said. “I’m really excited for this opportunity. It’s going to be amazing.”

Contact Pursue to see the space and learn more about membership options.

Megaformer “doesn’t lie,” Fairbanks said. It tells you exactly where your weaknesses are. Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

*(Fitness shuffle: moments after publishing this article, Buckrail learned Inversion Yoga is moving into the space Pursue once occupied on 260 W Pearl this spring.)

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