Public school enrollment up, statewide; declines in Teton County

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) announced this week that K-12 enrollment in public schools, statewide, jumped considerably this year even as Teton County School District marked its first decline in students since 2011.

2019-20 fall enrollment by district. (Courtesy WDE)

Fall enrollment rose from 93,029 in 2018-19 to 93,832 students in the 2019-20 school year. Wyoming schools added a total of 803 students, with 63 percent of those new students enrolled in Natrona, Laramie, and Campbell county school districts. It marks a significant increase from 2018-19, when only 53 new students were enrolled.

“The jump in student enrollment reflects the state’s overall population growth over the past year. We hope this is the start of a positive, multi-year trend that leads to increased prosperity for Wyoming business and industry,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow. “Wyoming K-12 education has been proactive with an increased emphasis on career and technical education, including computer science. More high school graduates will be prepared to stay in Wyoming to live and prosper.”

Natrona County School District #1 gained the most students with 291, followed by Laramie County School District #1 and Campbell County School District #1, with both districts adding 109 students each. Teton County School District #1 saw a drop in enrollment by 12 to 2,869 students this school year. It is the first decline after seven straight years of increases.

The biggest drop in enrollment occurred in Fremont County School District #38 with 54 fewer students.

TCSD#1 total enrollment
2,869 (2019-20)
2,881 (2018-19)
2,862 (2017-18)
2,835 (2016-17)
2,801 (2015-16
2,691 (2014-15)
2,597 (2013-14)
2,487 (2012-13)
2,449 (2011-12)
2,465 (2010-11)
2,317 (2009-10)
2,294 (2008-09)

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