Popular snow mags land in local hands, Linns purchase JH Snowboarder and Bomb Snow

 JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Two regional snow magazines are now in local hands and coming to a rack near you this season.

Olaus and Jenelle Linn, owners of Sharp Eye Deer creative studio, are the new publishers of Jackson Hole Snowboarder and Bomb Snow—publications that have long encapsulated the raw conscience of snow culture.

The Linns stepped in to buy Jackson Hole Snowboarder when its future was uncertain. In September they purchased the magazine from Utah’s Copperfield Publishing. It was one month after Copperfield shut down its other Jackson publication—the alternative newsweekly Planet Jackson Hole.

“We have come to love the magazine and feel it’s an exciting part of the snowboarding community,” said Jenelle Linn. “We wanted to be sure that it continued into the future, was run by people who care about it, and we thought it made sense to have it based out of Jackson.”

Olaus and Jenelle Linn.

The Linns are more than Jackson Hole Snowboarder readers. Olaus Linn has an intimate connection to JHSM. He has worked as its art director for the past four years and was at the helm of its 2014 redesign. Robyn Vincent will stay on as editor.

“These magazines are alive,” Olaus Linn said. “They’re filled with stories of real people experiencing the highs and lows of life, and thinking about what it means to be human.”

The magazine’s co-founder Jesse Brown launched JHSM 14 years ago with Jackson pro-snowboarder Lance Pitman. They wanted a vehicle to showcase their vast arsenal of snowboard photography. But the magazine would soon evolve into more than a book of photos.

When Brown left Jackson in 2012, he sold the magazine to publishers Judd and Mary Grossman. They, in turn, sold out to Copperfield in 2015. The Linn’s recent acquisition marks the first time since Brown’s tenure that local snowboarders have run the magazine.

Local ownership of a magazine that speaks to Jackson’s snow community is integral in preserving and furthering its voice, Brown said. He added that he is “proud to know that something we created lives on in such good hands.” The Linn family, after all, settled in Jackson Hole 113 years ago, Brown said. “I can’t think of better people to be the stewards of this publication.”

Bomb Snow, meanwhile, shares traits with JHSM. It is an annual publication focused on skiing, snowboarding and mountain culture. The magazine was dormant for the last two years after founder and original creative director Todd Heath found himself busy with other projects. There has been a void in the snow world ever since.

Akin to JHSM, “Bomb Snow has always had an irreverent voice and independent attitude—no topic is off-limits and it does not take itself too seriously,” Linn said. “It also always features art on its cover and highlighted in its pages, and it looks at harder topics related to the activities we love: climate change, media saturation, pollution, public lands, and income disparity.”

It is based and largely distributed in Montana with limited distribution around the West. Longtime editor Alex Buecking will lead the editorial department.

The magazines are sister publications under the Sharp Eye Deer umbrella—sharing executive, sales, and design staff but with their own editorial identities and missions.

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