Pop a top: Wyoming Cowboys fans break bowl game beer sales record

JACKSON, Wyo. — Lesson learned…again: When you invite the Wyoming Cowboys to come play football in your town, you’d better stock enough beer.

Nobody travels like the Brown-and-Gold, and Pokes fans have tailgating down to a science. University of Wyoming Athletics Director Tom Burman estimated more than 10,000 fans made the trip to Tucson to take in the Arizona Bowl on December 31, 2019. Wyoming defeated Georgia State 38-17, but the real winner may have been local breweries and other travel-related businesses.

Bowl game brew. Courtesy Barrio Brewing Company

Dave Bonner wrote a nice recap of the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl for the Powell Tribune from a community of Tucson standpoint. According to his figures, beer sales for the game topped all previous records by $100,000. That’s about 14,285 more 16-ounce drafts sold than in any other previous bowl game.

No one should be surprised. Wyoming drank Vegas dry 15 years ago when the Cowboys played at the Las Vegas Bowl. Thirsty Pokes fans drank all the beer Sam Boyd Stadium could hold in 2004.

In fact, Wyoming’s penchant for a cold one is so legendary, Tucson-based Barrio Brewing Company created a special beer for just the occasion. When announced, Cowboys fans took to Twitter to beg the brewer to make a BIG batch.

“Going to warn you right now,” tweeted Wyomingite Tyler Spear on December 13, “you don’t have enough.”

Sales of the Arizona Bowl Brew (a Vienna-styled lager) were so brisk, Barrio commented on its Facebook Page: “The Cowboy fans were some of the best we’ve ever seen.”

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