Police need help identifying graffiti vandals

JACKSON, Wyo. — Police are searching for clues as to who defaced a structure at Russ Garaman Park this week. They want the guilty party to at least pay for the cleanup.

Jackson Police Department investigators responded Monday to reports of graffiti on a bathroom at Russ Garaman Park. The crime was thought to have been committed sometime over the weekend.

An unknown suspect used red and black spray paint to the west and south sides of the restroom at that location. The paint on the west side spelled “GHOST,” had a smiley face with Xs for eyes, and also contained what appeared to be the letters “TX.” The south side of the building was painted with what appeared to be a flower, a laughing face, a small bi-pedal creature and a pentagram, as well as the number “666.”

Anyone with information that could help identify a suspect is urged to call police at (307) 733-1430.

“If you know who did it or have information that could help identify them, please contact us at the police department, (307) 733-1430. We’d like to have them help pay for the cleanup,” police say. Courtesy JPD

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