Plucky Pygmy-Owl returns to the wild after a little Raptor rehab

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A Northern Pygmy-Owl was cleared for take-off recently after successfully rehabbing at the Teton Raptor Center for the past two weeks.

TRC staff and volunteers rehabbed the bird back to health after it suffered as head injury when it conked itself into a window in Jackson while chasing after its prey: another bird. The tiny owl weighed less than maybe half an apple and was most definitely woozy from the experience.

After two weeks in TRC’s care, the little guy proved he was ready to return to the wild. The owl demonstrated its readiness after proving it could hunt live prey effectively, fly without tiring too easily, and showed a healthy fear of humans.

The Center released the rehabbed owl in Jackson near the location it was found.

Homeowners can help prevent window strikes with several do-it-yourself or purchasable items from nonprofit organizations like Teton Raptor Center and the American Bird Conservancy.

In 2017, Teton Raptor Center Staff and Volunteers treated 120 injured, ill, or orphaned raptors.

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