Plow Service for Hire

JACKSON HOLE, WY —  Winter has finally arrived, for the moment. Don’t get snowed in! Stay safe and save yourself the headache of shoveling your road or driveway, and let Corey Lack and his people do it for you.

Lack drives a beautiful red ’77 Ford pickup that has a long history in Wyoming. He bought it in Star Valley, where it spent all its life on a farm. And it’s perfect for pushing snow. In fact, “it’s geared so low, it’s not good for anything but plowing, moving a mountain or pulling horses around,” Lack joked. “It’s a touch truck, super dependable.”

Lack’s truck is trusty enough that he prefers to stay in it—meaning, he’d rather plow your driveway than shovel it. But he and his team also offer snow blowing for times when there’s nowhere else to push the snow. Stay safe and mobile this winter.


call Lack directly at (307)-203-0230 to get in touch.

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