Sketch Plan of condos on Cache + Pearl. Photo: Courtesy of TOJ

JACKSON, Wyo. — A new 17 unit luxury condominium development called, “Condos at Cache + Pearl”  is in the early stages of development on Cache and Pearl.

The property owners of 50 S. Cache Street, 45 E. Pearl Ave and 75 E. Pearl Ave,  are in the early stages of re-development plans for the 1.29-acre seven-lot parcel.

The property owners, CCC Ranch Inn LLC, submitted a sketch plan to the Design Review Committee. While the Design Review Committee approved the plan, they are a recommending body that reviews how a proposed plan fits specific design guidelines, explained Tyler Valentine, senior planner for the Town of Jackson.

“The sketch plan is at a conceptual level,” Valentine said.

The Planning Department is still reviewing the sketch plan which will then go before the Planning Commission at their Dec. 1 meeting. The Planning Commission will review the sketch and make recommendations for the Town Council, this could happen during the Dec. 1 meeting or the item could be continued to a later meeting. Tentatively, the Town Council could see the item on their Jan. 3 meeting agenda.

The Town Council will be presented the sketch plan along with a report outlining the planning staff recommendations. The Council always has the option to approve, deny, or continue an item.

The final development plan will also go through the same approval process as the sketch plan.

Valentine said, “It’s fairly common for these sized buildings to go through a two-step program. Both steps are about a 90-100 day process.”

Other similar projects that have recently been approved include The Glenwood, the luxury townhomes located at Glenwood and Gill, and the Cloudveil Hotel on Center Street.

The property is owned by Crystal Creek Capital Real Estate Advisors, under the name CCC’s Ranch Inn, LLC. The block is home to businesses including Wyoming Camera Outfitters, the Ranch Inn, Grace Spa, and Thai Me Up.

Crystal Creek Capital also developed the Cloudveil Hotel, One Town Hill, the Springhill Suites, Mountain Modern Motel and is currently renovating Jackson Hole Lodge, adjacent to Mountain Modern.

According to the sketch plan, the three major structures, the Ranch Inn, the Ranch Square Building, and the Under the Willow Building will be demolished to make way for the 67,000 square foot building.

The new development will include six commercial spaces at the street level, 17 two and three-bedroom condominium units on the second and third levels, 100 square foot storage units on the basement level for each unit and 62 parking spaces in a covered garage located north of the redevelopment.

According to the sketch plan, the smallest unit is 1886 square feet, the largest is two levels and 3,885 square feet. The units will be ownership and allows for short-term rentals.

The sketch plan does not outline any plans for workforce housing.

The project is still in the conceptual phase and many hurdles must be passed before re-development of the block begins.

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