Plans for Astoria Hot Springs now incorporate your ideas   Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news
The revitalized Astoria Hot Springs and Mineral Park is looking for an artist to create a custom art installation. Photo: DHM Design

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Trust for Public Land shared updated designs of Astoria Hot Springs Park with Buckrail today. We have to say: this place is going to be special. Again.

This is what you wanted to see at Astoria Hot Springs. The Trust for Public Land has been working in partnership with residents, engaging over 2,500 locals in the design process. The newest renderings for the park illustrate how the design team integrated this input from residents into plans for a new, affordable and welcoming community hot springs with large leisure pools, smaller soaking pools, and a variety of other experiences that inspire people to connect to each other and to nature.

Project costs total $6 million; with $1 million of funding already secured from an internal Trust for Public Land fund and the other $5 million supported through a private philanthropic campaign.

The fundraising effort has generated significant momentum and currently, 70% (of $4.2 million) of project funds have been secured.

Rendering of the River Pool, one of the high-temperature soaking pools, named in memory of Liza Benson. (DHM Design)

“We have seen such wonderful support for this project, from local businesses like Teton Laser Center and Rocky Mountain Bank, who understand that Astoria will improve the lives of their employees and customers, to individuals who are dedicated to rebuilding the park for residents,” said Paige Byron, associate director of philanthropy for The Trust for Public Land. “This spring a generous donor challenged the community to raise $500,000, providing a leadership gift of $250,000 to inspire up to 10 gifts between $25,000-$99,000 by September 30, 2018. The end is in sight and in the final year of the campaign, we hope to inspire gifts from residents of all backgrounds, so we can see this project come to life without delay.”

Rocky Mountain Bank president and COO, Jim Moses, commented, “Rocky Mountain Bank is pleased to partner with The Trust for Public Land through this gift because we understand how important Astoria will be for the community. As we learned more about the layered benefits of this project—from conservation, to social equity, to health and wellness—we were impressed by the magnitude of work that will be enabled through their $5M campaign. We are dedicated to improving lives in the places where we operate, and we know Astoria will be a great addition for our customers and employees.”

Funding for the park is not yet complete, and the deadline is fast approaching. The final $1.8 million must be raised to begin construction without delay in 2019 and reopen Astoria next year.

Rendering of the phase one construction area of the new Astoria Hot Springs Park. (DHM Design)