The team at Bin22.

JACKSON, WY – Walk into Bin22 and if you’re not first greeted by Luke, Jeff or one of Bin22’s other beloved team members, you’ll first be met by a selection of chilled wines and specialty foods. Continue on and you’ll find a unique selection of interesting wines, beers, and spirits. Venture through the bottle shop and you’ll find a wine bar and tapas restaurant led by a seasoned and dedicated staff of wine lovers and chefs.

But even with all these layers, there’s more to Bin22 than meets the eye.

Speak to Curtis and you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. A walking encyclopedia of these spirits, Curtis has helped lead the charge sourcing interesting, great-valued whiskeys sure to appeal to even the most discerning aficionado.

Walk into the shop on a Tuesday from 4-6pm and you’ll find shop manager and wine buyer Jeremy Walker leading an interactive, complimentary wine and/or cheese tasting inside the shop, showcasing some of his favorite wines of the moment. Interested in buying one of the featured products? It’s even easier with 15% off featured products, available on the day of the tasting.

Looking for a deal? Take advantage of Bin22’s monthly wine shop deals. Sometimes showcasing one specific wine, other times featuring an entire style (ex. July was Super Tuscan month), these selections are available for 15% off throughout the entire month.

Want to know what staff members at Bin22 are drinking at any particular time? Wander over to the Employee Pick area, where featured wines, beers, and spirits change regularly to feature selections from the trusted sources themselves.

To learn more about Bin22, visit or stop by their convenient location at 200 W Broadway, Jackson, WY.