Orphaned moose calf safely relocated by Game and Fish

Alpine, WYO – Joanne Starkey, of Alpine Wyoming wanted to share her gratitude for several Wyoming fish and game department employees who successfully relocated a moose calf that had been living in her driveway after the tragic loss of the calf’s mother to malnourishment earlier this month. The moose calf whom had been living on the Starkey property the last two week was relocated after exhibiting aggressive behavior towards the homeowner and a Game Warden. The calf was released in the South park wildlife habitat management area as this was one of the few places where this animal could be released this time of year to prevent future potential human conflict.

Moose Calf – Photo: Joanne Starkey

“Because of Game and Fish, the calf is now safe. It was an honor to meet these wonderful people and to have had the opportunity of a great learning experience.”

A friendly reminder that human wildlife encounters can be potentially dangerous. The animals are extremely stressed from a long winter and wildlife officials offer these tips to avoid a conflict:

  • Be especially watchful during times of low light. Moose can be difficult to see at night.
  • Look for tracks or other signs of moose on trails, pathways or around houses.
  • Never crowd an animal or surround it.
  • Always allow an animal an escape route.
  • Always control pets while walking them and make sure there are no wildlife around before letting animals out of the house.
  • View and photograph animals from a distance.
  • Do not feed wildlife.

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