Official certificate and record service fees to increase says WDH

WYOMING — It’s not just gas prices folks; fees charged by the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) for official birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates ordered through Vital Statistics Services (VSS) are planned to increase on July 1.

The costs of birth, marriage and divorce certificates will increase by $5 each, with death certificate costs increasing by $10. Fees for searches and other official activities are also increasing by $5.

Guy Beaudoin, deputy state registrar with WDH, said all VSS fees were increased as part of department budget adjustments announced last year. “In addition, a new $5 fee will be added for death certificates to help support the indigent burial fund approved by the Wyoming Legislature earlier this year,” he said.

“All documents and requests postmarked on or after July 1 will be affected by the updated fee schedule,” he said.

Vital Statistics Services is the only source for Wyoming’s official certificates, Beaudoin reminded residents.

“We want people to be cautious about online companies offering birth, death and other certificate services. Some of these secondary providers charge as much as three or four times more than the fees we charge through our office.”

It is important to also note that companies outside of VSS can be fraudulent and charge significantly higher rates but do not produce official certificates.

“Many of these companies collect information from customers, have them sign a release document and then simply forward the completed application to our office for processing,” Beaudoin said. “It’s an added step that doesn’t help anyone get what they need any more quickly. In fact, it is more likely to slow down the process.”

“We suggest people contact our office directly rather than spending extra money for dubious service claims,” Beaudoin said.

To download applications needed to order certificates by mail, visit the official WDH website.

The adjusted fee amounts are included on the certificate applications. People may also call 307-777-7591 for help. In-person counter service remains suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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