NWS confirms weak tornado made a touch-and-go in Marbleton yesterday

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYO – The National Weather Service has confirmed it was a tornado that made a brief touch-and-go in downtown Marbleton, Wyo., yesterday.

In addition to strong winds accompanying numerous thunderstorm cells passing through the area, NWS stated a small tornado packing 80mph winds ran about a tenth of a mile on Rakestraw causing moderate damage yesterday at around 12:30pm.

“A weak tornado very briefly touched down in Marbleton at 510 Rakestraw, and moved a tenth of a mile before lifting. A portion of a roof was blown off a manufactured home, a travel trailer was destroyed at the same residence, and another mobile home nearby was moderately damaged. Damage with this tornado was consistent with an EF-0 tornado, which was assessed at having 80 mph winds.”

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