JACKSON, Wyo. — The Teton County Board of County Commissioners recently approved a rezoning request on Hereford Ranch which will be the future site of the Central Wyoming College (CWC) Jackson Campus.

The rezone is contingent on the transfer of ownership of a two-acre site from Hereford Ranch, owned by Beaver Slide LLC, to Fremont County Community College District, doing business as CWC. Beaver Slide LLC has one year to present the deed to the Teton County Planning Department.

According to the staff report, the total rezone is 3.9 acres. The 2-acre parcel for CWC will be rezoned to public/semi-public, an adjacent .2 acre portion will be changed from suburban to rural-1 and the 1.7 acres of suburban zone will be swapped to an adjacent location to the southwest that is currently rural.

The staff report explains that Beaver Slide LLC wants to maintain its current suburban zone acreage and development rights, which is why they are requesting the 1.7 acres of suburban zoning be applied to another position within the parcel. The .2 acres of rural-1 is intended to allow for a future roadway easement to connect High School Road to the rest of the landowner’s property or any future development south, such as the Northern South Park neighborhood.

During the Nov. 15 meeting, Board Chair Natalia Macker raised concerns about increased traffic on High School Road. Macker asked if there is a possibility that the CWC Jackson campus and the High School property could be somehow connected so that users wouldn’t have to drive out onto High School Road to move between campuses.

Associate Long Range Planner Erin Monroe, presented the item and explained that there is a strip of land that separates the two parcels.

Brendan Schulte from Jorgensen Associates was at the meeting, representing the applicant. Schulte explained that plans for a pathway will be flushed out as the project evolves from the sketch plan to the development plan.

“Along the shoulder, there is a small sliver of land, kind of triangle shaped, that will probably get us there for a pathway but there would have to be some sort of agreement with the landowner of that parcel that’s in between us for us to do anything more substantial then a pathway. There will be some sort of connection, whether it be pedestrian or a pathway but a road, I think, is a much bigger undertaking,” Shulte said.

The CWC Jackson Campus is one of the 15 SPET items that was approved by Teton County voters on the November ballot. CWC will receive $10 million in SPET funds. Payouts for the 2019 SPET items are expected to be complete by the end of December 2023, making way for the 2022 SPET items to begin receiving funds on a monthly basis.

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