Mud Volcano to Fishing Bridge Junction still closed

JACKSON, Wyo. — Extra measures need to be taken when toxic chemicals are spilled in a national park. That’s the reasoning behind what is a tricky cleanup after a gasoline spill from an overturned tandem trailer on a commercial motor vehicle last week.

Plus, that was a lot of spilled fuel. The largest roadside fuel spill in Yellowstone National Park in nearly 20 years.

A large hole in the road was excavated to locate the extent of the spilled gasoline, remove the contaminated soil, and ensure cleanup. The hole is 100 feet wide by 100 feet long by 10 feet deep.

The road between Mud Volcano and Fishing Bridge Junction remains closed and will likely reopen within a week as crews are working as quickly and safely as they can.

The work is meticulous as excavated materials contaminated with gasoline will be removed from the park and disposed of at an appropriate facility. The park is coordinating with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality on cleanup efforts.

Due to the prolonged road closure between Mud Volcano and Fishing Bridge Junction, travelers should consider alternate routes. Currently, Mud Volcano is only accessible from the north and Fishing Bridge Junction is only accessible from the south and from the East Entrance.

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